Connecting to Families Leads to Sustainable Classroom Culture

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 3.45.57 PM Laura White fosters a sustainable learning environment in her Stoddard, New Hampshire classroom by connecting with families and students before school starts.

Laura recognizes that meeting students’ developmental needs requires a systems way of thinking and connecting. By visiting families in their homes prior to school starting she honors how students are nested in multiple communities of home, classroom, school, and town.

Read the whole story in this feature article from the Keene Sentinel newspaper:

Stoddard teacher meets her students on their own turf


  1. This is such a valuable practice, and one my old school used for years and years, until we got new leadership. Good for you for going beyond the school walls to connect with families. Rafe Esquith, of the Hobart School in LA, is proof that building relationships with students and their families, on their turf, matters.

  2. Ali Maynard said:

    Laura, if you see this, it was a nice surprise to see your name in this headline! Great to know that you’re still doing such wonderful things for, and with, your students.

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