Green Ribbon Schools

by Tom Julius

Perhaps you have heard about the new federal Green Ribbon Schools program? The official Green Ribbon website describes the program:

Green Ribbon Schools (GRS) is an award program that recognizes schools participating in activities that promote and encourage a healthy and environmentally friendly learning environment. These activities must fall under the 4 Cornerstones of a Green Ribbon School (Eco-Campus, Health & Fitness, Nature Adventure, Natural Classrooms). By participating in these activities a school is providing a healthier, happier and smarter campus for students, teachers and the community.

To receive Green Ribbon status schools must register and publish the results of at least one “real world” activity in each of the 4 Cornerstones: 1) Environmentally Friendly Campus, 2)Nature Adventure,3) Health, Fitness and Nutrition, 4) Natural Classrooms.

Sounds the Department of Education is encouraging real world, place-based sustainability learning. However, the program doesn’t come with any funding for schools, and that’s raised the ire of some school districts. Check out S.C. Official Says ‘No Thanks’ to Green-Ribbon Schools from EdWeek (12/5/11).

Does anyone know of a school that is participating in this program?

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